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 webBrowser control in C#

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PostSubject: webBrowser control in C#   Tue Mar 06, 2007 1:20 pm

Creating a Web Browser in C#

First creat a project named Web Browser. Change text of form1 to Browser, then go to the toolbox and insert WebBrowser then on the properties menu dock the webbrowser on bottom so that its not full form and pull it up so that a textbox can fit on the top. On the left top put a textbox(that will be where u put the page).then add a button with the text go double click that button and put this code


Now u have the go button done. know to the right of that button add a button with text Back double click and add this code


know u go back.then add another button with text forward double click and add this code


now u can go forward. then add a button with the text stop double click and add this code


now u can stop add another button with text refresh double click and add this code


This is all about a smiple Web Browser. cheers
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webBrowser control in C#
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