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 Compilation Error

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PostSubject: Compilation Error   Mon Mar 12, 2007 10:35 am

/**************Errors while compiling**********************/

HelloServlet.java:2: package javax.servlet does not exist
import javax.servlet.*;
HelloServlet.java:3: package javax.servlet.http does not exi
import javax.servlet.http.*;
HelloServlet.java:13: cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class HttpServlet
location: class HelloServlet
public class HelloServlet extends HttpServlet {
HelloServlet.java:14: cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class HttpServletRequest
location: class HelloServlet
public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request,
HelloServlet.java:15: cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class HttpServletResponse
location: class HelloServlet
HttpServletResponse response)
HelloServlet.java:16: cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class ServletException
location: class HelloServlet
throws ServletException, IOException {
6 errors

/**************Errors while compiling**********************/

I have written a batch file tomcat..bat like this
/********** tomcat.bat *************/
set classpath=;E/tomcat/tomcat-5/common/lib/servlet-api.jar set classpath=;E/tomcat/tomcat-5/common/lib/jsp-api.jar
/********** tomcat.bat *************/

You need both JARs in the classpath. Try:
javac -classpath .;%CLASSPATH% *.java

The tomcat.bat file is in the same folder as the source file

set CLASSPATH=C:\Tools\apache-tomcat-5.5\common\lib\servlet-api.jar;C:\Tools\apache-tomcat-5.5\common\lib\jsp-api.jar
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Compilation Error
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